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Savliary Proteomics
The Human Salivary Proteome Wiki is a collaborative, community-based Web portal to more than 1,000 unique human saliva proteins identified by high-throughput proteomic technologies. The wiki is developed for the research community and the public to harness the knowledge in the data and to further enhance the value of the proteome. You are very welcome to share your thoughts in the forums; add your own data to the growing database; annotate the proteins; or just explore the site. More...

Get Started

Click on the chord diagram below to browse the salivary protein catalog or use the search box to find specific entries. Only proteins with at least 2 distinct peptides identified in mass spectrometry experiments are included. Each arc in the diagram represents the set of proteins found in the connected tissue or sample types. Please hover over the individual arcs for more details.

Advanced Search
Use the drop-down menu to limit the search to a specific type of entity. Some examples for the simple search are:
  • Proteins
    • Protein name: Mucin-7
    • Gene Symbol: MUC7
    • UniProt accession: Q8TAX7
    • GO Function: "GO:0046983 protein dimerization activity"
  • Protein Families
    • InterPro accession: IPR000971
    • PFAM accession: PF00042
    • Family name: "Globin, subset"
  • Publications: "Oral cancer"
If simple search produces too many hits, try Advanced Search to get more specific results. Use the Protein Set Search tool if you want to search multiple proteins by accession numbers or gene symbols.

Need help? Please refer to the user guide to learn about the data and various features on the wiki, or send us a message here.

HSPW Statistics

Overview of the proteomics data stored in the wiki:
  • 7 Contributing Institutions
  • 6 Studies
  • 946 Datasets
  • 5 Tissue Types
  • 3 Diseases + Healthy Controls
Click here to search for datasets in our experiment repository.

Feature Highlights

The wiki is full of cool and useful features, including:

How to Contribute

We truly appreciate your visit and participation. Ways that you can contribute to the wiki include:

Mailing list

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You can always contact us directly if you have any suggestions, questions, or comments.

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