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Citation guidelines

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Contacting us

If your manuscript or abstract submission is accepted, our team would greatly appreciate e-mail notification of the publication citation, solely for tracking resource usage. Please send email notifications to

Data Download

Download All Data Dataset


Study Number Study Name Institution Publication ID Year Data
1 Proteome analysis of glandular parotid and submandibular-sublingual saliva in comparison to whole human saliva by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis University of Regensburg, Germany PubMed:16402355 2006 Download
2 The proteomes of human parotid and submandibular/sublingual gland salivas collected as the ductal secretions University of California, Los Angeles PubMed:18361515 2008 Download
3 Alterations in the Salivary Proteome and N-Glycome of Sjögren's Syndrome Patients University of California, San Francisco​ PubMed:28282148 2017 Download
4 Cross-Sectional Association of Salivary Proteins with Age, Sex, Body Mass Index, Smoking, and Education University Medicine Greifswald PubMed:28481548 2017 Download
5 Self-Assembled STrap for Global Proteomics and Salivary Biomarker Discovery​ J. Craig Venter Institute PubMed:30848925 2019 Download
6 Mapping Relative Differences in Human Salivary Gland Secretions by Dried Saliva Spot Sampling and nanoLC-MS/MS The Forsyth Institute PubMed:31476108 2019 Download
7 Persistent Immune and Clotting Dysfunction Detected in Saliva and Blood Plasma after COVID-19 J. Craig Venter Institute bioRxiv:484814 2022 Download
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